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The Most Expensive Paintings in the World

The world is full of incredible artworks, from priceless pieces in museums and art galleries to more affordable works by local artists. Owning an expensive piece of art has long been seen as a status symbol amongst the rich and famous, although many works come with eye watering price tags that are impossibly out of [...]

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The Happiest Countries to Live In

Many of us have dreamed of packing up our lives and moving to somewhere warmer or with a slower pace of life, and there’s a wealth of amazing countries to choose from, from European destinations to corners on the other side of the world. Happiness is of course subjective, but there is data and evidence [...]

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A Brief History of the Piano

The piano is one of the most popular and versatile instruments in the world; and has been used to play everything from improvised jazz to classical symphonies or modern R and B. Pianos have been around for centuries, and used to entertain guests at parties, as somewhere to gather round and sing at Christmas or [...]

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Do Removal Services Have to Break The Bank?

Simply put, no. Although moving house will cost some money, it doesn’t need to be a constant burning hole in your pocket. In fact, there are a variety of ways you can save costs throughout your house move, and still get a dependable and efficient removal company. Most of this requires being thoughtful in your [...]

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Viewing a House? What to Look Out For

Buying a house is a huge decision to make. Not only is it important that the property you choose is right for you, but it is also essential that everything is functioning correctly and the house is in decent condition. When viewing a house, it is essential that you do not miss any important details [...]

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How to Prepare Your Children For a House Move

It’s no secret that moving house is extremely stressful. With so much to organise and sort out, it is often easy to forget that this can be a very difficult and stressful time for your children too. Moving house, whether you’re an adult or a toddler, is a huge change in your life and it [...]

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Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Each year, thousands of people move to Australia. Whether it’s to enjoy the laid back Aussie lifestyle, the beautiful weather and stunning beaches, or for a brand new job, there are many reasons why people flock Down Under. If you are making the big move over to Australia, we’ve got some top moving tips to [...]

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Four Big Signs It’s Time to Move House

It’s no secret that moving house is very expensive, let alone a lot of effort and stress - particularly if you are looking to move from somewhere that you have lived your entire life. If you have found yourself wondering whether it is worth making the big move, you’ve come to the right place. We [...]

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Looking for House Removals? Essential Factors to Bear in Mind

Moving house is a big decision, and one that takes organisation and careful planning. If you’ve recently sold your property and are looking for a reliable removals company to help you with the move, you’ve come to the right place. ArrowPak International is a reliable removal and storage company in East Anglia, specialising in offering [...]

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

Moving house can be stressful to say the least. As there is so much to do and organise, many of us often make small mistakes that can lead to further complications - something that can be both costly and frustrating. Below we’ve put together a list of some of the most common mistakes to avoid [...]

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