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In today’s moving market, secure storage has an important role to play. It can mean the difference between keeping and losing a sale. Whether you’re caught between completion dates, renting your property, undertaking building work or travelling overseas, Arrowpak has the Storage facilities to suit your needs.

Reasons for Storage:

  • To bridge the gap between house sales
  • Moving into rented accommodation prior to purchasing new home
  • Building, Renovating or Decorating
  • Winter use for garden furniture, Motorbikes, Bikes , Trampolines, etc

With our extensive warehousing we offer a safe and cost-effective storage option for either complete house contents or smaller domestic items.

All stored items are inventoried and carefully packed in special wooden containers before they leave your home, when the items are returned to you they will be in the same condition in which they were originally packed.

Our secure warehouse storage facilities are temperature controlled and have 24hour CCTV surveillance.

Your goods are accessible upon request and can be stored for a few days, weeks, months or years.

If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself prior to storing them Arrowpak can provide you with the packing materials.

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