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Here at Arrowpak International we’ve been moving families, businesses and individuals, to and from the USA since 1979 so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Wherever you’re moving to in the US our specialist team will take care of everything to make sure your move goes smoothly and your household goods arrive at your new home safe and sound.

We realise that moving to another country can be daunting, so we will always be on hand to give you the help and advice you need at every stage of the journey, from expertly packing your fragile goods to arranging transport for cars, motorbikes and even the family pet.

Whether you’re moving to a major city or a tranquil retreat in the countryside, our experts have the local knowledge, contacts and skills to make sure your move goes smoothly and there are no delays or bureaucratic hiccups along the way.

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The United States of America

For more than 500 years people have travelled to America seeking a better life in the ‘land of opportunity’. The USA is a melting-pot of races and cultures and remains the undisputed military and economic powerhouse of the world.

The country has an area of 3.71 million square miles and a population of 318 million people. The climate is extremely diverse ranging from the frozen territory of Alaska in the north, to the steamy shores of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida in the south.

The USA has one of the highest standards of living in the world as well as some of the most varied landscapes, towns and cities. No wonder many Americans don’t hold a Passport - everything they need is in the USA.

Personal effects

Household and personal effects can be imported without paying duty provided you have owned them for at least one year before arrival in the USA. Containers may be examined by US customs at the port of entry. The team at Arrowpak International will provide you with the correct documentation, which you will need to complete before departure.


Cats and dogs do not require a permit or a rabies vaccination to enter the US as the UK is rabies free. You should however, get a health certificate from your veterinary surgeon confirming that your pet is fit to travel. For further information, please visit:


The electric current is 120 volts, 60Hz. Plugs are mainly the type with two flat pins, although three-pin plugs are also used. Appliances without dual-voltage settings will require an adapter, which can be bought in most electrical stores and major airports.

Motor vehicles

The USA has strict emission standards and only vehicles manufactured in the USA can be shipped with your household goods. The team at Arrowpak International will be happy to answer any queries regarding the import of cars or motorcycles manufactured elsewhere.

Driving licences

You may drive in the USA using your full UK licence for up to one year, following which you will need to take a driving test and obtain a US licence.


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