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Here at Arrowpak International we’ve been moving families, businesses and individuals, to and from India since 1979 so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Wherever you’re moving to in India our specialist team will take care of everything to make sure your move goes smoothly and your household goods arrive at your new home safe and sound.

We realise that moving to another country can be daunting, so we will always be on hand to give you the help and advice you need at every stage of the journey, from expertly packing your fragile goods to arranging transport for cars, motorbikes and even the family pet. 

Whether you’re moving to a major city or a location out of town, our experts have the local knowledge, contacts and skills to make sure your move goes smoothly and there are no delays or bureaucratic hiccups along the way.

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India is a nation of contrasts both geographically and culturally. The country’s climate changes from frozen mountain ranges in the north, to stifling tropical heat farther south, just as the fortunes of its diverse population range from enormous wealth to extreme poverty. 

But India is changing, albeit slowly, and the technological revolution is bringing prosperity and hope to the 1.2 billion or so people who live there. Cricket is the most popular sport in India: the national team won the World Cup in 2011.  The game of Chess is thought to have been invented in India as long ago as 300BC and remains a firm favourite with many Indians.

For westerners, arriving in India for the first time can be a shock to the senses, but there are great opportunities for expats to be part of India’s emerging economy and to enjoy the country’s rich culture and exotic lifestyle.

Household effects

Household and personal effects are duty free providing they have been owned and used for more than 12 months. Items must be shipped within one month of the owner’s arrival. The owner must be in India for customs clearance and produce a valid passport.  The team at Arrowpak International will provide you with the correct documentation, which you will need to complete before departure.



Cats and dogs may be imported into India subject to the appropriate documentation being provided.  The team at Arrowpak International will be happy to advise on the latest requirements and arrange transport for your pets.


Electric current is 240 volts, 50Hz. A variety of power sockets are used in India, but most plugs have two or three round pins.

Motor vehicles

Cars and motorcycles may be imported into India provided they have been owned and used for at least a year. However, import duty is very high, 169% for cars and 152% for motorcycles, so you may prefer to buy locally rather than import your own vehicle. The team at Arrowpak International will be happy to advise about shipping your vehicle to China should you wish to do so.

Driving licences

You may drive using your UK driving licence supported by an International Driving Permit for up to one year. If you wish to continue driving you will need to take a driving test to obtain an Indian licence. Driving in India is something of a challenge for those used to European conditions.  It may be better to use public transport or taxis.

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